CASTING BRIDGE is a casting art center in Latvia, which has a creative, enthusiastic and responsible attitude towards the whole casting process. We are always there - starting from the idea, which actors are suitable for each role, until the end of filming, when all the actors need to be brought back home. In other words, we provide a professional approach for organizing, administrating and coordinating actors and extras during the preparation of an audiovisual project, as well as on the set.

We do whatever is imaginable in the field of casting, with an ease and a smile!

In the March 2018 CASTING BRIDGE will celebrate it's 7th anniversary. We constantly create and update our actor and ta1ppplent data base, where experienced cinema actors and extras, as well as various people of different age groups, who wants to take part in an audiovisual project - movie, commercial, music video. This data base is meant for casting directors, directors, producers and photographers all over the world.


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