1. Fill out the form

For the electronic application form, please scroll down.

2. Visit our office

You are most welcomed at our office but before that check on Facebook our working times, every week it can be different, Tallinas street 6, Riga. If u you cant find somthing call us +37126336947

3. Take photos and fill the agreement

During your visit, first you will fill out the application, as well as the agreement on recording your data in CASTING BRIDGE Talent Database. Then our photographer will take photos of you to complete your portfolio.

4. Receive the invoice and make the payment

Annual fee for the data maintenance: 

  • children below 14 years (including) - 7€;

  • youngsters above 15 years and adults - 11,99€.

5. Get the photos

After you have made the payment, we will send your photos to the email you have specified. If you haven't received an email over a week, please don't hesitate to write us: info@castingbridge.lv.

6. Expect an invitation for acting

After you have accomplished these five simple steps, your portfolio is complete. We will call you whenever there will be a role for you in a movie, commercial or other project.

7. Lights! Camera! Action!

When receiving an invitation, be responsive and co-operative! Most frequently the filming process starts with preparation - fitting, memorizing lines and rehearsing. But on the other hand - the experience is irreplaceable!

If you have forgotten to pay the annual membership, we will keep it from your reward. .

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