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CASTING BRIDGE is a creative and responsible actor selection team that has been organizing, managing and coordinating professional actors and mass screenings both during the preparation phase of audiovisual projects and on the set. In other words, our work starts with the idea of a suitable actor for a particular role and continues until the filming is over. The creator, driving force and creative director of CASTING BRIDGE is the experienced director Gunita Groša.

Our database of actors and talents contains Latvian professional actors and statisticians, as well as people of all ages and looks who want to participate in audiovisual projects - films, commercials, music clips and series. The CASTING BRIDGE electronic database is constantly being updated and is available for professional use by actor selection directors, directors, producers and photographers. 


We do everything we can in the field of casting with passion and a smile!


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Contact us:

+371 26336947

+371 25863348

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